Regathering FAQ - Updated July 20th, 2020

If you missed our ALL CHURCH online meeting on June 28th click here for a recap video

ALL CHURCH online meeting minutes: click here

  • What are the service time and locations?

    • Services for July 12th and 19th will be held at 10am.  
    • Our traditional service will meet in the Worship Center.  
    • Our Modern service (ASL) will meet in the Family Center.
    • Entrances will be marked and visible from our parking lot.
  • What can I expect when I arrive that will be different?

    • Parking lot will open at 9am. 
    • Westwood building will be open at 9:30am (We ask please no gathering in the lobby). 
    • Traffic Flow — we will have planned traffic flow throughout our building
    • Parking Lot — we will be asking everyone to park in front of the building.
    • Doors will be propped open for easy access.
    • After service, please exit the building promptly as we begin to clean and practice turning over our building for a potential 2nd service in the near future.
  • Will there be a live sermon or music?

    • The Music for July 26th and Aug 2nd will be prerecorded.
    • Our message will be live.
    • This will allow us to focus on the processes required to ensure safety for everyone involved.
    • This will allow us to determine how to proceed towards a goal of having two services in the future.

  • How is westwood preparing for our return?

    We are encouraging everyone to...

    • Face masks are now required (Westwood Volunteers and staff will wear face masks — besides children 3 and under those who work with our kids 3 years and younger). 
    • To use proper social distancing — stay 6ft from each other.
    • Avoid shaking hands/ physical contact. 
    • Avoid lingering or having long conversations in the building. 
    • To use hand sanitizer and wash their hands frequently 
    • Cleaning and Sanitizing all surfaces after each use/ CDC recommended products. 
    • We’re asking anyone who is showing any signs of sickness to stay home. 
  • Will there be kids ministry?

    • Kids Ministry on July 12th and 19th will be Nursery through five years old only. (We hope to change this very soon).
    • Kids chec-kin will be through our Main Entrance doors on the right side of our building and clearly visible from the parking lot.
    • In order to prevent the potential transmission of germs, we are limiting the attendance in each classroom to 10 people maximum, including volunteers ( so be sure to register asap ).  
    • KidMin Updated Policy
  • Will there still be an online experience?

    • Because we believe that some people are not ready to regather in a building, we are committed to a high quality online experience alongside our regather service.
  • What about Students?

    Q. Will there be Sunday morning classes for students beginning on July 12th?

    A. We will resume our Sunday morning classes for students in the fall.

    Q. Will there be Sunday evening youth group for High School this summer?

    A. Yes, please check the High school church calendar for our Sunday evening activities.

    Q. Will there be Wednesday evening youth group for Middle School this summer?

    A. Yes, please check the Middle school church calendar for our Wednesday evening activities.