Thanks for giving towards God's work at Westwood! We are excited to partner with you in furthering God's kingdom and sharing the love of Jesus with our friends, families, and community. Giving is part of our worship to God and a tangible way to help continue the ministry at Westwood.

Ways to Give:

There are several ways to give. We encourage digital giving as it has several benefits to non-digital giving.

  • Digital giving is more efficient and less resource intensive. When you give digitally the funds are given directly and accurately without the need to be counted or processed.

  • Digital giving allows for automated reoccurring giving. You can set your giving to repeat weekly, biweekly, or monthly. This means that even if you aren't able to attend a gathering that week your gift is still received.

  • Digital giving allows for more accurate budgeting. Because digital giving is recorded almost instantaneously, ministry leaders can make more accurate decisions when it comes to spending for programs and events.

  • Digital giving allows you to take on the processing fees of the transaction or eliminate them completely. Every gift given via credit/debit/ or check/cash has a cost. For credit/debit there is a % fee. For check/cash there is time spent counting, calculating, depositing and verifying every gift. When giving digitally using ACH / Bank, there is instant recording of the gift and only a $0.25 fee attached to it. Want to make sure the entire gift gets to Westwood? You can choose to cover that fee, making the gift 100% given to Westwood.

Text to Give and Church Center

Giving can also be setup and managed by using the Church Center App or by text. Click the link here to download the church center app or text any amount to 84321 to register for Text giving. Just follow the link and select Westwood Baptist Church as your giving location.

In the future just text the amount and the gift is given.

If you prefer to use an app, install the Church Center app on your mobile device and select Westwood Baptist church as your giving location.